Question by  JoshBroom (40)

What is the correct saddle fit for Arabian horses?

I just purchased An Arabian horse.


Answer by  HorseKeeper (25)

Arabian horses can be more broad across the wither/shoulder area, so a wider tree might be considered. Also, flat enough to rest along the spine without causing pressure points.


Answer by  TinaMorrison (84)

An english saddle or western saddle can be used. The saddle that I have seen the most used are the english but also depends on if you are showing.


Answer by  MKane (66)

Horses are all different when it comes to saddles fitting. Your best way to get a properly fitting saddle is to measure or have a saddler measure for the correct fit.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

If you ride Western the answer is simple. They make saddles designed specifically for Arabians. If you're looking for an English saddle go online and find a guide to the proper measurement. Some Arabians can use a regular tree, while some need a narrow one. They also make saddles that come with interchangeable gullets to fit every horse.


Answer by  mandey223 (13)

-do a light work out (light sweat, mostly under saddle) -lunging works best -check under saddle for a even and consistant sweat -there should not be any dry spots after removing the saddle - if there are the saddle is not the correct one for that horse


Answer by  ALoyd (31)

The correct saddle fit on an Arabian horse will be dependant on the conformation of the individual horse. The saddle should sit level on the back and balance the rider.

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