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Question by  midknight (8)

What is the cause of brown feathery worms in a saltwater tank?

My saltwater fish tank has developed brown fetahery worms, can you provide me with informaiton on what could be causing this.


Answer by  altos (224)

Sounds more like floating algae, not worms.


Answer by  sdblack99 (329)

These "worms" are probably not worms at all. Common in cycling marine aquariums (new aquariums) are algal blooms. The common ones are diatoms (brown dust), hair algae, and red cyanobacteria. These can be regulated by cycling the tank with filtration via live rock. Watch PO4, ca+, iodine, and NHs. When these levels are ideal over time your problems will subside.


Answer by  01628773 (140)

The brown feathery worms that you are referring to are common parasites that affix themselves to the gills of your fish. They may have come from a fresh introduction of fish to the tank, or even the addition of some salt water aquatic plant life. To eliminate the problem, change the water and treat for parasites.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

The cause of brown worms in a tank could be as a result of dirty water in the tank. Therefore, they may have grown in there. Also, what you need to do is basically clean the water out and get rid of the worms. Use chlorine to clean the water tank daily.


Answer by  Georgemarc (53)

New aquariums are algal blooms with various type of algae not harmful to fish. Proper Filtration is very important live rock can help with filtration by cycling the tanks water keeping it balanced. Also be aware of your tanks PO4, NHs, iodine, and ca+ levels. Once established and controlled problems algae will diminish.

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