Question by  answergirl (39)

What is the best treatment for ringbone?


Answer by  jillou (114)

This needs management more than treatment. You need to reduce inflammation and strengthen cartilage. Give anti-inflammatory drugs and equine joint supplements. Walk gently on soft-ish ground, (too hard jars, too soft pulls), this helps stimulate circulation and decrease inflammation. Warm therapy, massage therapy.


Answer by  ARichard (138)

Treating ringbone is a lifelong treatment for the horse. The focus is to reduce the inflammation of the joint and to save cartilage. The hoof must be level to avoid stress to the joints. Steroids are often used to reduce inflammation and exercise therapy and supplements as well.


Answer by  crash0708 (83)

Ringbone is a degenerative disease. As such, it does not have a definitive cure. Some options involve treatment with injectable anti-inflammatory drugs or special shoes to balance the hoof.


Answer by  krisp (147)

Treatment for ringbone can inclued a lighter work/riding schedule and occasional doses of bute for the days the horse shows soreness. Don't over do the bute, it can cause ulcers.


Answer by  Laila64 (151)

The treatment process is lifelong one. we must focus to reduce the inflammation of the joint and save cartilage. Steroids are mainly used for reduce the inflammation and we can also try exercise therapy.

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