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Question by  jamal161 (14)

What is the best size crate for a Cocker Spaniel?


Answer by  kasey1720 (169)

This depends on the height and length of the dog. A crate should be 6 inches longer than body length and 6 inches higher than shoulder height.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You need to base it on his size. Make sure he can stand up in the Kennel and turn around comfortably. If he's a puppy don't get one too huge because it will be harder to potty train him and also because some dog's feel less safe when they have a large kennel.


Answer by  WalterB (11)

I think the best size crate is the one that your dog feels comfortable in! if anything a crate with room is best! With all love Walter B.

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