Question by  karmachaos (26)

What is the best guitar to buy?

I want to buy my boyfriend a guitar.


Answer by  Lard (62)

It depends on the style of music he likes, and your budget. For a generic rock style, consider a fender strat, or a squier on a lower budget. For a bluesier sound, go for a les paul, and for a more metal sound, ibanez. Ibanez has many ranges to cover a variety of budgets.


Answer by  mrandy (140)

There is no obvious answer. First you should decide which kind you need: classic, acoustic or electric. For classic guitar popular choice is Takamine, for acoustic add Hohner and Ibanez to your list. As for electric Ibanez has a wide choice of guitars with a wide range of prices. ESP, Gibson, Fender, PRS are also worth looking at.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

If you are looking at acoustic guitars you can never go wrong with a Taylor. Those are, however on the pricey side. Electric you can't go wrong with a Les Paul.


Answer by  zacanger (434)

It depends on preference, price range, and his skill level. For a beginner, entry-level Ibanez, Squier, Epiphone, Trinity River, Main Street, and Yamaha guitars are great. Note the music he listens to, and find out what those musicians play.


Answer by  bassplayer (257)

The best guitar to buy would be directly relevant to the budget you have and the quality you are looking for. a great starter guitar would be a Squier or a dean. These guitar's are relatively cheap and are well built. If your budget is higher then a Gibson or Fender would be sufficient


Answer by  FormerCollegeAthlete (32)

There is no guitar that is widely considered to be the best. This is going to have to be based on the best for you and your boyfriend. What kind of music will he want to play? How much will he play? How much can you spend? These are all questions you'll need to answer before making a purchase.

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