Question by  Meg (224)

What is the best graphing calculator?

I want to invest in a good one.


Answer by  quisha (24)

The best graphing calculator is made by the popular brand Texas Instrument, they make many different types of calculators to suit each individuals needs. As far as graphing calculators go, the best one would be Texas Instrument TI-83.


Answer by  tim35 (162)

I have purchased two graphing calculators in the past few years and the best by far has been the Texas Instruments graphing calculator. It is better than Casio brand calculators and much easier to navigate and use.


Answer by  raz (130)

In my opinion, the best graphing calculator is the Texas Instruments TI-83 series. It is pricey but well worth it because it is easy to use and ubiquitous.


Answer by  Melva (159)

The Texas Instrument TI-89 is known as one of the best graphing calculators for your money. It solves equations, plots graphs, it is programmable allowing the owner to create customized programs. Some have 3 D graphics and color displays. The TI-89 Titanium is a replacement for the TI-89 and has 4 times the ability of the older version,.


Answer by  grahamat (52)

In high school I used a TI-83 and in college I used a TI-86 for a while before switching back to the TI-83. The TI-83 is still the standard though. Most teachers will base their instructions on a texas instruments graphing calculator. They have a near monopoly on graphing calculators.


Answer by  dan1658 (185)

The best graphing calculator for college students or anyone really would be one of the Texas Instruments calculator. The TI-83 or TI089 would be the best models.


Answer by  Kit (558)

Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator, for calculus, engineering, trigonometry and finance functions. Texas Instruments T1-84, for Geometry and algebra. Texas Instruments T1-89 Titanium for both High school and College

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