Question by  thurston81 (72)

What is singing using head voice?

My choir director mentioned this type of singing.


Answer by  worker19 (32)

its almost as if you are singing from your diaphragm and you push out the sound more through your upper mouth or almost into your nasal cavity a little.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

The definition of head voice is highly contested in musical circles. However, head voice is generally considered singing that resonates only in the head. Normally head voice is a higher absolute pitch that resonates in the pharynx, nasal cavity, and oral cavity.


Answer by  kaf2050 (94)

When using "head voice" you are breathing with your diaphragm. Try breathing in and pushing stomach out instead of in. This allows more oxygen into lungs and creates a less "nasaly" sound when singing. Resonance and pitch are much richer when using your head instead of your nose to sing. Visualize sound resonating through your head instead of out your nose.


Answer by  mchellin78 (47)

Sound is vibrations in you. Your head voice is more controllable and more pure than your chest voice. Head voice means vibrations are occurring above your chest, your cheek bones.


Answer by  Bronagh (666)

"Head voice" is usually construed to mean resonance above the vocal cords. It refers to the upper third register. Sometimes the term is used to mean high note or falsetto singing.

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