Question by  slovenc (22)

What is Scorpio's birth stone?


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

There are actually six stones in the scorpio sign. They include beryl, apache tear, aquamarine, coral, topaz and obsidian. These are all beautiful stones.


Answer by  LianV (183)

Scorpio rules between October 24th to November 22nd, so your birth stone may either be an opal for October or a topaz for November.


Answer by  MaTwosey (332)

Scorpios can have a birthday in late September or early October. The birth stone for September is sapphire and October is opal.


Answer by  Leah73 (71)

Modern choices for somebody born in November: Traditional Birth Stone - Topaz Modern Birth Stone(s) - Topaz or Citrine For those born in late October, you may prefer to give the traditional stones for that month: Traditional Birth Stone - Aquamarine Modern Birth Stone(s) - Opal or Tourmaline

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