Question by  MDanchak (26)

What is jeweler's wax?


Answer by  jika (36)

Jeweler's wax is a fine-grained wax with a high melting temperature which is used to create sculptures or jewelry molds. It comes in multiple colors and can be purchased at most art supply stores.


Answer by  Srfingfreak (697)

Jeweler's wax is used to make jewelry by providing a casting medium for high-detail work. It is melt-able, so it can pick up details on things you would like to include in your mold, but will not suffice for casting metal in. It is a middle step between plaster and mother mold.


Answer by  paternoster (13)

Jewelers use several different kinds special-purpose waxes. Jeweler's wax usually means stiff sticky wax used to hold a small article while it is worked on. They also use special waxes for lost-wax casting, and for polishing.


Answer by  pragadishw (15)

Jeweler's wax usally in a range of colors, available in departmental retails chains. It is used to paste any small piece of decorative handicrafts. It may also used to polish things.


Answer by  Merlyn2040 (29)

Jeweler's wax is wax or plastic from which a jeweler designs or carves a piece of jewelry. They then use the piece to cast a mold of the Jewelry.


Answer by  Anonymous

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