Question by  John94 (16)

What is equity?

Like in a house or a boat or a business.


Answer by  CLEV (405)

Simply put, equity is what the owner of the property actually owns. It reflects the amount they have put into it regardless of what they owe on it. The market value and either appreciation or depreciation are also factors that will reflect the amount of equity one had on their peice of property.


Answer by  DiBuon78 (6)

Equity is having ownership in something. The amount of ownership you have in a house and a boat is your personal equity. As with the first two, having equity in a business is the ownership you have in that business. Usually the equity you have in a business is called stock.


Answer by  GailLuther (5)

Equity is the amount left after you subtract what you owe from the value of the asset. The equity of a home would current market value minus the remaining mortgage.


Answer by  Stephen (123)

The equity a person has in any asset is the difference between the monetary value of the asset and the amount of debt on it. So, for example, if I own a home that is worth $200,000 and I owe $100,000 to the lender, the equity i have in the home is $100,000.

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