Question by  ady (94)

What is basic training like for the U.S. Army?

I hear lots of horror stories and wonder how much is true.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

There are many different phases that occur during Army basic training and each offers a different set of difficulties to recruits. Most of the horror stories come from time spent at induction and the first week of basic training. In general it is hard with a lot of physical activities to push you to do your best.


Answer by  Fleshj (403)

Army basic is difficult by design. The military wants to build your physical condition, train you to act/obey on instinct, and place you in stressful situations to condition your reactions. This difficulty is scientifically designed and, while it seems odd/cruel, actually serves a purpose. Graduates LOVE to tell horror stories!


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

Basic training is not that bad as long as you are in shape and you can put up with people screaming in your face. As long as you can eat really fast and run really fast you will be fine. There are some horror stories about one person messes it up for everyone and you all pay the price.


Answer by  11Bangbang (11)

It can be brutal or it can be tough. Dosent sound like a lot of fun but it really is. They break you down to your core and build you back up. When you leave youll leave thanking your srgt for yelling in your face. :)


Answer by  Pat57 (138)

It is not horrible. You can expect really long days, lots of running, and constantly being yelled at. Once you realize that whole thing is a mind game, you'll be fine. You find your self constantly being pushed to the limit, but it isn't anything you can't handle. Upon leaving you'll thank your Drill Sergeants for the challenge.

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