Question by  hois0017 (20)

What is an indigenous religion?

I would appreciate examples, please.


Answer by  julianhill (85)

An indigenous religion is a religion practiced by the native peoples of an area. Most indigenous religions are a form of Shamanism and may include believes in spirits and elements of animism. The religious practices of Native Americans is an indigenous religion as are the spiritual practices of south American Indians and Australian bush men.


Answer by  lladybugg (153)

An "indigenous" religion is the religion that is native to the area. For instance, the native americans had their own spirits and beliefs that varied between tribes - their religion would be considered the indigenous religion of the region. African tribes also still keep most of their indigenous religions to this day!


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Indigenous religions are local religions, as compared to colonial or imported faiths. The animist beliefs of African tribes are indigenous religions; Christianity would be an imported religion.

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