Question by  jadeardurff (18)

What is a reasonable price for in-home daycare that also does preschool?

I'd also like to know the rates for different types of care (babies v. toddlers v. after-school care, etc.)


Answer by  babygirl624853 (27)

A reasonable price for this service would depend on the childs age. I believe that a child that up to the age requires more work and should be priced around 125.00 per week, while an older child should be priced around 85.00 per work because they require less work.


Answer by  amangielangomat (43)

I feel that a reasonable price on child daycare is $15 per child per day. If a customer has more than one child in the daycare program they can receive a 10% dicount on thier total bill. I feel this with several children would be enough to run this buisness.


Answer by  Jibberling (55)

The price payable will depend very much on the area where it is offered, but it is reasonable to expect that for each child double the national minimum wage will be payable, so around £10.

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