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Question by  Empress (122)

What is a PTO shaft?

I know that power take off shafts are used on tractors but what are they and how are they used?


Answer by  CapnAnswers (39)

A PTO shaft is the governer to tractors, mowers and most heavy machinery that is used for farm work or just general around the yard work. It controls the maximum speed, torque and horse power that your vehicle can out put. It prevents over heating and over working so you don't accidently ruin the vehicle.


Answer by  wrusche (176)

A PTO (or power take-off) shaft allows you to hook up various power driven implements to the tractor so that the tractor engine can provide the necessary power. The implement will have a shaft with a female type coupler that will attach to the splined PTO shaft. PTO shafts can either be 540 or 1000 rpms.


Answer by  sabozeka (611)

Power take off shafts are used on tractors to provide power to auxillary units. The hook up to other pieces of equipment pulled by the tractor. Examples would be brush hogs. balersetc. post hole drill. some corn pickers.It is similar to a drive shaft provide the power for thayt piece of equipment.


Answer by  amtcura66 (1340)

It is a shaft of the Power Take Off on tractors. They are used as a decoration on tractors to make them look more attractive to the other tractor species.


Answer by  babyhueyk (96)

They transfer power from the tractor to equipment attached to it.There is a long list of equipment what need the PTO shaf.Some are tillers,post hole diggers,cement mixers and more.

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