Question by  gie (19)

What is a parelli horse?

My brother says he is getting a parelli horse.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Parelli refers to Pat Parelli who is a natural horse trainer. The horse he is getting has been trained in the style of Pat Parelli methods.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

It is a horse that is trained under the Parelli Training system. It essentially has these techniques that bonds the horse and its owner through emotions rather than just training the horse to obey commands.


Answer by  Lucius (196)

There is no such thing as a parelli horse but there are horses trained in the methods of Pat and Linda Parelli using natural approaches to horse behaviour based on observing closely for subtle cues in the horses posture, movements and facial expressions and taking horses individual characteristics into account. It aims to preserve the dignity of the horse.


Answer by  LaurieF (211)

I assume that your brother is referring to a horse who has been trained using the Parelli method of natural horse training. This method is based on an understanding of equine nature and behavior, using this understanding to develop a cooperative, non-forceful form of communication between horse and trainer.


Answer by  jne0493 (83)

There is not breed, known as a "Parelli Horse". A parelli horse is a horse that has undergone training via the Pat Parelli "Horse-Man-Ship" training methods. These horses have been 'certified' as dead broke and well-trained.

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