Question by  shannonpitts (1)

What is a natural cleaner for platinum jewelry?

I don't want to hurt the finish.


Answer by  Jaquelynne (594)

A recommended natural way to clean platinum is to make a mixture of half ammonia and half water. Let the platinum soak in the mixture and then polish with a soft cloth. Be careful if the jewelry contains gemstones other than diamonds. The mixture may discolor or harm gemstones other than diamonds.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

Platinum-jewelry finishes/platings usually have a 90-95% platinum-alloy, so depends on what 5-10% metal-alloy is? Platinum is insoluble in H3O.Cl/Hydrochloric-acid or HNO3/Nitric-acid; But DISSOLVES in Aqua-regia (1-part concentrated-Nitric acid & 3-parts concentrated-Hydrochloric-acid). Platinum does not oxidize. Platinum CORRODES by/with: Caustic alkalis, Cyanides, Halogens (F/Fluorine, Cl/Chlorine, Br/Bromine, I/Iodine, & At/Astatine), and S/Sulfur/Sulphur.

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