Question by  JennyBucks (63)

What is a Haflinger horse?


Answer by  DW66 (44)

The Haflinger horse is a small, muscular breed of horse. They are all of one basic colour - chestnut, with little variety in shades. Their strong and stocky build has seen them being used in times of war as pack-horses throughout history. They are found worldwide but most originate from Austria and the environs.


Answer by  mtlady1943 (144)

The Haflinger is a small horse, between 13 and 15 hands tall, originating in the Austrian Alps. Quite muscular, it was originally used as an all-around helper to the farmer. A small amount of Arabian blood was introduced to the breed in 1874, event in the breeds' refined head today.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

A Haflinger horse is actually more like a Pony than a horse. They are short and stocky. They are Chestnut in color with a cream mane.


Answer by  Lore (174)

A Haflinger horse is a breed that originated in Austrai/northern Italy. One trademark of this breed is their golden chestnut coloring with a white mane and tail.

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