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Question by  chocodik (19)

What is a good home remedy for an infected tooth problem?


Answer by  flexwheel (171)

An infected tooth needs more than home remedies. Make a dentist appointment as soon as possible. An untreated infection is not only painful, but can have health consequences beyond the affected tooth.


Answer by  justmesuzanne (625)

There is no home remedy for an infected tooth. Once an infection sets in, it is necessary to see a dentist and get antibiotics. Home remedies are good for prevention and for treating minor ailments - not infection.


Answer by  sarabeth (170)

Take a dry tea bag and insert it on the affect tooth. The tea will help the infection. Replace as needed. Any brand or flavor will work.


Answer by  SIDDHU (861)

Good home remedy for infected tooth problem is to apply clove oil twice in the affected area. One should not drink cold water or have icecream , instead should take lukewarm water. Have salt water gargle in the morning and evening and best advise is to consult the dentist.

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