Question by  tiwtiw17 (17)

What is a good fever reducer for my dog?

I need a dog fever reducer.


Answer by  anbu (5968)

You can give your dog non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIAs)to help bring her fever down. These drugs treat both pain and fever. You can try Ibruprofen, at a dose of 6 mg/pound.


Answer by  Stormygyrl (12)

You can give your dog buffered aspirin, such as Bayer. 5mg per pound, every 8-12 hours. Do not give anything with acetaminophen in it.


Answer by  Mari (134)

Baby aspirin is what the veterinarian always suggests when our dogs need a pain/fever reducer. I can give a Chihuahua one-fourth of a chewable 85 mg. tablet. The most important thing is to know the cause of the fever. If it does not clear up in a day or two, I would call your Veterinarian.


Answer by  alli007 (74)

Often veterinarians do not suggestion giving a pet human medications because of possible reactions, however, small things like baby aspirin are great for things like a low grade fever. Any pet with an illness however, should be evaluated if the illness seems to last greater than 48 hours, especially if it is a higher grade fever.

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