Question by  Ilsieh83 (248)

What is a dun horse?

I hear different definitions.


Answer by  Lottadogs (1258)

The dun dilution of a horse's color has many variations but all include a dorsal stripe. Not all horses with dorsal stripes are duns as other color patterns can cause a dorsal stripe. So the defining features of this fading gene's presence are a dorsal stripe plus striped legs.


Answer by  jenjen90 (240)

Dun is a color variation in some types of horses. The color looks like it is diluted. Horses that are Dun always have a dorsal stripe and their faces and legs are darker in color than their bodies.


Answer by  ivy (134)

Dun refers to coat color, it is not a breed. The dun color looks 'tan' in apperance and has different variations within itself. Most duns have dark a dorsal stripe running down the length of their back and dark or black colored manes and tails.


Answer by  Wraith (191)

Dun is a dilution gene that modifies but does not change the base color. All true Duns will have a Dorsal Stripe and and a diluted base color. Some will also exhibit a darker webbing on the face, zebra stripes running up the legs to the knees and a fawn base color on the inner ears.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Dun is a certain color of a horse. A dun horse is a tan colored horse with a darker dorsal stripe on their back. That is the real definition of the word Dun.


Answer by  LaurieF (211)

Dun is a color in horses in which the base coat (bay, red, black, seal brown) is diluted with darker striping. Duns occur in some breeds and not in others.


Answer by  surveyjeppson (90)

Any horse can be a dun. It is the color of the horse that makes the horse a dun. All duns have a dark dorsal stripe.

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