Question by  rihu (32)

What is a demand curve equation?


Answer by  rajatanand (43)

Mathematically the demand curve equation shows a negative relation between price (P) and quantity (Q) and is expressed as Quantity (Q) = a - b x price (P) where a and b are constants. As the price decreases the Quantity (Q) or Demand increases accordingly while the Demand decreases as the price increases.


Answer by  UpwardBoundPrecalcTutor (128)

A demand curve equation is a relation between the price of a good and the quantity demanded for the good expressed as q=f(p) or p=f(q). The price of a good and the quantity demanded are usually inversely related. The exception occurs with Giffin Goods where a price rise can result in increased demand.


Answer by  Suggestion (335)

The demand curve equation is the equation that states that supply and demand are interrelated. As the demand goes up or down then the supply increases or decreases.

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