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Question by  turker (142)

What is a bad color to be used in a car?

I want to know what colors to avoid in painting my car.


Answer by  cavcopy (21)

This question's answer is dependent on context. If you want a car that will blend in, paint it plain white. If you want your car to look clean longer, silver is the best choice. If you have no fear of traffic tickets--red. Or, connect with your inner Vader: go black.


Answer by  luvcomputers (66)

I would say that black is the worst color for a car. While it looks good it is incredibly hard to keep clean and scratch free. The other problem is if you live in a hot climate it can be unbearable.


Answer by  Naimad (98)

It depends, here are some facts. I will say RED. Why? red cards have more accidents that normal colors like white or black. It is proven that the call more attention of other drivers and can cause accidents. Plus insurance is more expensive for red cars, they are more stolen that regular colors.

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