Question by  Charlie09 (1)

What headings and information should a letter of intent include?

I need this Letter of Intent for an airline company!


Answer by  claudia (249)

A letter of intent should include a name and address (yours as well the receiver of the letter), as well as the intent in which you are writing the letter. The information needs to be relevent in order to be understood clearly.

Reply by Charlie09 (1):
its been quite a while since I posted this question, however only now do I check out my question --
I may have mis-used the English word--by letter of intent I mean a letter/cover letter whichOneUsually attachesToaResume.Of course IwillIncludemyNameAndAddress!MyQuestionactuallyWas-whatElseBesidesThat !ThenAgain I may have MisplacedMyQuestion-this WebsitesTitle is ShortAnswers-therefore canIorCantI askForaLongerAnswer?  add a comment

Answer by  irma (8)

A letter of intent bears the date and address of the recipient. The person who writes must sign over her/his printed name at the end of the letter.

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