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Question by  tc25dreamer (180)

What happens if your nose bleeds and you swallow the blood?

If you're having a nose bleed, and you swallow your blood, is it bad? Should I be concerned?


Answer by  Sbmkd (45)

Nothing happens that can cause something worse.That is because the blood that bleeds out of your nose is the same one that you have in your body. After all, you'll only get it back in your body.


Answer by  Jerich01 (111)

Other than being grossed out, there is little to worry about. Swallowing excessive amounts of blood (more than a nose bleed) may cause an upset stomach or slight cramping. If you were to swallow a great deal of blood, it might induce vomiting but the amounts of a typical nose bleed should not cause any real harm.


Answer by  DrArunkumar (7)

If your nose bleeds and if you swallow that blood.,nothing harmful will happen. What happened to the swallowed blood? Ans: The blood just enter GIT and it get digested and expelled via anus. The urine may be red coloured due to the pigments present in the blood. No need to get fearful.


Answer by  MarjiS (128)

That happened a couple years ago and I spit the blood out and I had to go to the emergency room. They cauterized a blood vessel. Spit it out!

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