Question by  divationna (1)

What four factors support a country's leading position?


Answer by  partyanimal33 (452)

A country's leading position is supported by the strength of its military, economic success, poverty statistics and orginazation of its government. If any of these qualities are lacking a country cannot be in a leading position.


Answer by  dar25 (123)

Measuring the success of a nation can be approached by examining the economy, the educational prospects of the citizenry, the presence of an unbiased justice system, and voting rates.


Answer by  Stereom (12)

There are many factors involved, but I would say one main one is the country in questions governing system. In the past, no human groups ever truly succeeded in doing much without some form of government. Otherwise it is military strength, culture, and natural resources that help decide the fate of a country.


Answer by  lastiel (33)

Economic - countries with higher GDP and stronger currencies do better. Language - Main spoken language must have world-wide speakers both native and non-native (English, Chinese, French, Spanish). International policy - country must have the support of other countries/the UN. Domestic policy - a strong country within equals strong without.

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