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Question by  worker2592 (117)

What does ring worm look like?

I think my son may have ring worm.


Answer by  Qwitzon (578)

Ringworm looks like a ring-shaped swollen area that looks like worms have crawled underneath the skin. (It is not caused by worms. It's caused by a fungus.) The ring will get larger if left untreated. OTC, topical fungicide will work. But, physicians can provide better treatments that will prevent scaring.


Answer by  emtallison (89)

Ring worm is a common and highly communicable fungal infection that appears as a circular ring of itchy red bumps. Sometimes the bumps prominent and other times appear as a discoloration rather than raised bumps. While most often a ring with a hollow center is formed, sometimes ring worm is a solid patch. It glows under black light.


Answer by  Rosengurtle (147)

Ringworm also known as Tinea usually looks like a red, circular rash with an empty spot in the middle. However not every case looks like this.


Answer by  arinj (20)

Ring worm generally will look like reddish circular irratated areas around the body. Ring worm are located on the surface of the skin around varies parts of the subjects body.

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