Question by  Jennifer92 (16)

What does PO1 stand for?


Answer by  ParrotPirate (477)

Petty Officer First Class. This is a non-commissioned officer (NCO) rank, equivalent to a Staff Sergeant in the Army or Marines or a Technical Sergeant in the Air Force.


Answer by  pryoplasm (444)

PO1 is a United States Navy abbreviation for Petty Officer 1st class. It is a paygrade of E-6, and follows the same base pay charts used by the rest of the military. PO1 is a rank that is in the NCO tier.


Answer by  Fleshj (403)

PO1 is a naval grade meaning Petty Officer 1. It the sixth Enlisted grade equivilent to a Technical Sergeant in the Air Force and a Staff Segeant in the Army.

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