Question by  sailendra (63)

What does it mean when my computer locks up and won't respond?

I have to turn it off at the tower to fix it.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

This computer behavior is called "freezing", and it is most likely occurring because your computer is overloaded or sick with too many viruses. Run your antivirus software and delete anything it finds. Also delete any documents, pictures, games, or music files you no longer need.


Answer by  Kam (88)

When your computer locks up and wont respond that basically means that the system overloaded causing it to freeze. This is not a big deal all you have to do is restart it and it should be fine. You can try to use Control Alt Delete which should bring up a close program dialog box.


Answer by  Jonah14 (640)

Most likely there are too many temporary files stored on your computer which are slowing down every other process. Try reinstalling windows.


Answer by  Lasher (31)

It's possible the computer has either corrupted files or a virus. Could also below virtual memory if there are too many programs running in the background. The best thing to do is to let a PC tech take a look at it for you and get it cleaned up before it get worse.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well it sounds like the computer is having trouble keeping up with you. Try turning off unnecessary service and not running multiple apps. If it still keeps freezing you may need to upgrade your memory or the cpu.

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