Question by  Ditti (44)

What does it mean when a 13-year old has recurring dreams about Michael Jackson?

My daughter is having nightly, multiple dreams of him for a long time, but especially since he died.


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

Dreams are the brain's way of trying to make sense out of everything that happens during the day. If your daughter was a big fan of Michael Jackson, it would make sense that she would dream of him. Or perhaps because there is a lot of coverage of him on the news. Talk to her to make sure she's okay.


Answer by  igobysammy (31)

Often times when a person has the same dream over and over, it is a sign that the mind is without conclusion of a specific thought. When we continuously put our minds through constant and rigorous "why's" or "how come?" without a 'final answer', the brain will seek out ways to find one. Usually, and most commonly through our dreams.


Answer by  Anonymous

your daughter is still trying to get over his unfortunate death. Honestly, I'm a teen myself, and have dreams about him every night. In your daughter's dreams, Michael's just telling her that he's okay.Having dreams about him is perfectly normal for every M.J. fan. Losing him isn't that easy.

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