Question by  lasagnalover (126)

What does it mean if you were born on the Aquarius Capricorn cusp?


Answer by  Woowoo (49)

People born within three to five days of the sun signs changing are considered "on the cusp," and these two particular signs blend both the good and bad of each identifying characteristic. Aquarius is free-thinking and more futuristic in thought; Capricorn is capricious, steadfast and traditional. Good luck with that!


Answer by  droplet82 (40)

It means that you are just barely an aquarius. You're birthday falls just in the range of aquarius but you still carry some of the capricorn traits.


Answer by  fretlord420 (89)

Those born on a cusp are born near the change between two signs and will exhibit traits of both. The Capricorn traits of loyalty and devotion may help to temper the aloofness usually possessed by Aquarius. Cusps will often have a lot of internal debate when making decisions.


Answer by  eilrol (1431)

The cusp means when for instance a person is born on January 20 or January 21. The cusp is considered to be (between) Capricorn and Aquarius sign.

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