Question by  silenceinspace (21)

What does it mean if my right hip bone hurts?


Answer by  BriggyGal (153)

There are a lot of things this could mean, and they range from very serious to something as simple as a bruise that hasn't surfaced. First determine if the pain in within the joint or bone itself or if it's in the flesh covering the hip. You best bet, of course is to see a professional.


Answer by  April (296)

It could be from a lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet: vitamin D and Calcium. It could also be joint paint.


Answer by  Tracy15 (821)

It could be alot of things like depending on your age it could be arthritis in your hip. It could also be because the job you do as with me I was a police officer and after wearing the belt for so many years it really hurt my hips. The best thing to do is see a doctor about it.


Answer by  kak (488)

Usually hip bone pain means equals bursitis(an inflammation of the fluid sac that allows for joint gliding). It could also be muscle strain, fracture, osteonecrosis, tendoniitis or snapping hip syndrome.


Answer by  MimiLaFoo (25)

It may have been bumped or bruised recently. Take it easy for a few days and apply ice if that seems to help. See your doctor if it lasts.


Answer by  Happydude9sfh (5)

It could mean almost anything, inflammation, bone spurs, a muscle strain, it depends on when and exactly where it hurts. See a doctor if it persists.

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