Question by  SVai456 (46)

What does a water hardness test tell about a mare?


Answer by  sooz (644)

A water hardness testing strip can be used to tell when a mare is ready to foal. The mare's milk changes pH as she gets closer to foaling because there is more calcium in the milk closer to birth. Water hardness testing strips can be very helpful in predicting the foaling date.


Answer by  Kris (797)

The same strips used to check water hardness can also be used to indicate when a mare is getting ready to foal. You apply milk from the mare to the strip, and if there is 400ppm of calcium present, you know that she will give birth soon and you need to keep and eye on her, but leave her undisturbed.


Answer by  Heather75 (47)

A water hardness test will tell you approximately when a mare will foal(have the baby horse). You mix fluid from the udder with distilled water and then dip the test strip in the liquid. Wipe the strip off & compare it to the bottle. Depending on what the color matches tells you how many days the mare usually has left.

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