Question by  Anonymous

What do PR firms actually do?


Answer by  hbmarsh (99)

They make sure that their clients get as much publicity as possible. This involves notifying key media outlets and making them aware of your client in a positive and professional manner. PR firms should pique their interest and motivate them to be interested in their client; in turn, these outlets will write about their client in a positive manner.


Answer by  John (9008)

Public Relations, or PR, firms help companies and individuals present themselves to the public in the best way possible. This is generally through the media. Their exact services vary, but generally include preparing press releases, helping people get ready for interviews, and other related tasks.


Answer by  JYas (68)

PR firms create a media buzz that generates good or bad press for an individual, group, organization, etc. that hire them. They create campaigns to highlight positive or negative impressions with the public in general, or a specific target group.


Answer by  Anonymous

PR is also about promoting a specific "image" ( way the public views a person/ company) of the entity to the public in order to accomplish a certain goal. Actors/Actresses also keep PR agents around all the time to manipulate the media stories or thwart rumors.... four words left lol


Answer by  Anonymous

A PR firm basically establishes and maintains mutual relationship and understanding between the organization and its publics. Their objective is to create a favourable image of the company using publicity, advertising and other tools and media. PR firm does the job of establishing wall to wall communication.!

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