Question by  dhead44 (15)

What do I do about a toilet bowl losing water?


Answer by  jbuhr06 (126)

The toilet bowl is either leaking or the stop gap isn't closing all the way. Check the back for dampness and loosen the chain inside the back housing.


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

Turn the incoming pressure gauge off. This will prevent any use of water, which consequentially will reduce the loss of water as a matter of principle. If, however, you should want the bowl to be operational simply fill a bucket an pour it in after a relieving session.


Answer by  Patrick1968 (80)

First remove the toilet tank lid and check to see if the chain,that is attached to the flapper,which is a rubber drain plug, and check to see if the chain is underneath the flapper causing water to leak out of the toilet tank! Adjust the length of chain!


Answer by  John42 (194)

you can either replace the seal in the toilet or buy and install new guts this will normally take care of losing water most of the time when you buy the full inside it will come with replacment instuction

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