Question by  obormot (9)

What do astrologers say about the union of a Sagittarius (her) and a Gemini (him)?

I mean for a "love match."


Answer by  heatherfriend (171)

Both love adventure and variety. Both are thinkers and may enjoy a good intellectual or philosophical conversation. Both love sex and are very affectionate. The problems may come when a Sagittarius may become clingy because she wants more attention, but the Gemini may have other interests to tend to.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

Normally a Gemini will find a Sagittarius interesting. But you should try to remember to give gemini space. And Gemini needs to keep in mind the needs of Sagitarrius for a relationship to work. Its normally a 3/5 relationship.


Answer by  phoenixwithsmoke (6)

A typical Gemini is more open-minded and philosophical while the typical Sagittarius is more focused and goal oriented. The two Zodiac signs are on opposite sides of the wheel, which serves the adage- "Opposites always attract." While this is not the best relationship, it could last.


Answer by  mgoodman (204)

Anything can happen because other planets exist besides suns, but often a Sagittarius runs away too often for Gemini, while Gemini is too capricious and gossipy for Sag. They oppose.

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