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Question by  Theo (48)

What could cause my Toyota to lose its 4 cylinder head?

My Toyota has lost its 4 cylinder head.


Answer by  guitarstitch (52)

On first glance, it appears that either the head bolts have weakened and/or stripped out, or that some physical debris has gotten between the piston and the head.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

A engine should not go through that many heads. Unless you actually meant head gaskets. Some engines have issues with poor head gasket sealing. This can usually be fixed by upping the bolt torque and using higher quality metal gaskets. If you are breaking actual cylinder heads you have a serious issue with the block and you should replace it.


Answer by  hondaatc (10)

you can blow your head (or head gasket) by a few diffrent means 1: over heat the engine 2: natural expansion of dis-similar metals (ex alum expands faster then steel) 3: installation errors (they do happen on new is rare though) 4: pre igniton or detonation 5: warped/unflat head mating surface


Answer by  Doug77 (1433)

This question makes no sense. My best guess would be that someone removed the cylinder head and forgot where they put it. Otherwise, it was sent to a machine shop and someone forgot which shop it was.


Answer by  Shancrela (93)

Not exactly clear on what you are asking. What would cause any automobile to lose its head, or human for that matter. Crack?


Answer by  Bomber0407 (13)

It possibly could have spun a bearing or lost a connecting rod. Another possible issue is the motor could have run out of oil


Answer by  syedimran (30)

Don't worry about the cylinders that you have lost in your Toyota. That cylinders can be replace by the new one.

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