Question by  clyn (51)

What could cause my horse's tongue to be swollen?


Answer by  oldmom (716)

Something may have pierced his tongue, and caused a bacterial infection. It could be an allergic reaction, especially if it happened quickly. There is a condition called "woody tongue" sometimes found in horses pastured with cattle. If the condition persists and horse has trouble eating or drinking, call your vet.


Answer by  Sandra23 (29)

This could be caused by a bee sting while your horse was grazing, maybe something stuck in the tongue like a thorn or splinter or a cut. If you can try and look at it with a flashlight to see if something is embedded in it, if your horse is having trouble breathing or eating call your vet.


Answer by  bris (82)

Your horse may have Vascular hamartoma, tumor-like nodule composed of an overgrowth of mature cells and tissues normally present in the affected part of the body. Swollen tongue may be a symptom for that disease.


Answer by  answerqueen (564)

The first place to check would definitely be his diet. Often if there are certain weeds in the pasture where he stays it is likely causing his problems.


Answer by  cross262 (3)

drooling horse for 9 days now. off food and water, was running temp. not now. tongue has been noticably swollen foe 4 days. Rolls hay around in mouth unable to chew. will not eat food . has now stopped urinating and pooping. hangs head most of the time


Answer by  lesley58 (0)

i have a mare with a swollen tongue at back and breathing heavy could you tell me what you think it could be


Answer by  Anonymous

The last few days I have noticed my horse has a swollen tongue. He is eating and drinking as normal and condition is good. He is reluctant to bit up and often snatches his neck downwards when working. He is having his teeth checked this week. Any ideas?

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