Question by  Kathy (13)

What could cause an infant to have pebble poop?

I think that my baby is having digestive issues, his poop is pebble size and not consistant.


Answer by  meridian (466)

The pebble poop can be caused by many different conditions, but the most common of those is constipation. Make sure the baby is well hydrated, and check with the pediatrician to see if he has any allergy or reaction to his food.


Answer by  worker6692 (107)

This may be a sign of lack of fluid intake. Be sure that you are giving him fluids through out the day especially water. Also another cause could be a lack of fiber in diet.


Answer by  enkidu87 (130)

Perhaps he is having a bad reaction to his formula. I would consider changing formula brands, however, as always you may want to consult a doctor.


Answer by  Angie83 (180)

Your baby is constipated. It could be because of what the baby is consuming. If there has been no change in the baby's diet, contact the doctor.

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