Question by  hxls (23)

What could be wrong with my cd drive, if it cannot play and makes weird sounds?


Answer by  Kit (558)

I would suspect are drivers! Try reinstalling you CD device drivers and make sure your CD ROM ribbon cable is well seated in the connectors, else try with known-good spare


Answer by  Amruthavalli (17)

1)The CD may contain bad sectors which will not able to play 2)The CD is not correctly formatted before the data is written on to it. 3)The CD may be exposed to other harmful objects 4)CD may contain scratches for not to output good audio 5)May be a bad Audio CD


Answer by  3orabi (104)

Some times some dust falls on the the internal lens of the drive leading to deflection of the laser beam and as a consequence interruption in the function of your drive . you can try to clean the lens by the cleaner Cd which is available in computer stores or if you are professional you can clean it manually.


Answer by  ATVRACING250ex (84)

If it is making grinding noises or scratching your discs then something is bent or broken inside. If you cant figure out what it is get another one on ebay they are cheap


Answer by  blyte (67)

It could be that the motor which controls the laser used to read the disc has failed. Optical drives are available cheap -- it would be easiest to replace it.


Answer by  smd4newsboys (95)

This sounds like 2 different problems in one. The first problem not playing sounds simply like the laser that reads is dirty. simply clean it with windex and wipe clean with a T-shirt careful not to scratch. The second sounds like a problem with reading mechanism also check to see if something has gotten into your player.

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