Question by  Sylar (29)

What could be wrong if my motorcycle revs erratically?

How do I troubleshoot the cause of this problem? I have a Harley Davidson motorcycle.


Answer by  wilsonace (129)

The problem may b with your carburetor. If on or more of your carburetor jets are clogged or bent it could cause an imbalanced flow of fuel to the engine. Have your carburetor checked buy a certified Harley Davidson mechanic to see if it needs to be cleaned or if it needs to be rebuilt.


Answer by  jon40 (440)

First get a can of starting fluid and spray it around your intake boots and vaccum lines. If it revs up you have a definite air leak and some rubber component will need replaced. Also could be a dirty carb (plugged pilot). Most likely it is an air leak though


Answer by  Birder80 (181)

first thing to check is that all fuel lines are in good order, no kinks or such. Check fuel filter. Next you will want to start checking the coils(s).


Answer by  Karatta (46)

Erratic revving could be the result of several issues, however if it occurs without touching the bike, usually the throttle cable needs adjustment, or you need to adjust your valve-headers.

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