Question by  MsSnoop (29)

What could be the cause of a Windows Microphone not recording?

I need to record on my computer and am having issues.


Answer by  ee (14)

The microphone could be unplugged. The microphone could be plugged into the wrong port. The microphone's volume could be turned down. The wrong microphone could be selected. The drivers for your microphone or sound card could be missing or installed incorrectly. The program you are using to record could be configured incorrectly.


Answer by  Alex33 (20)

There could be several reasons: First of all you must be sure your microphone is not broken Check if the microphone is plugged in Check if it is not muted (button or in sound control panel) In sound control panel check if you selected the microphone as input Make sure you started a recording software (such as sound recorder)


Answer by  markochiguegmailcom (514)

The device setting on your sound recording has to be set to microphone. In order to check this, go to the control panel, click on the Sound applet. When the dialog appears, click on the Recording tab and set the Microphone recording to default. If that doesn't work check the microphone cable.


Answer by  Henry1966 (6)

Make sure the microphone is plugged into the right connector -- usually the reddish one. If it is, then try opening the mixer / volume properties window and then see if the "line in" or "microphone" channels are in mute or if their volumes are too low to be audible.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

There could be a defect with your microphone itself and that is why it is not recording. Try using a different microphone and see what happens.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

First and foremost is to make sure your mic is connected. Make sure it is not muted on both the mic and audio settings. Test mic on another computer.


Answer by  nickl2000 (540)

There are two main possibilities on your PC. The first is that your Microphone is not plugged in, or it isn't plugged into the correct plug. The second is that it is muted in your sound settings.


Answer by  icanoutfishyou (1148)

Check your volume settings in the system tray. You probably have your microphone muted there, which is causing you to be unable to record anything.; unmute it. If that does not work, check another microphone to ensure that the jack is not bad.


Answer by  appletaker (64)

It may not be recognized in the first place. Try to reinstall the driver and perform a microphone test on your audio devices under control panel of windows.


Answer by  kevincai96 (669)

The most likely cause is a faulty driver. It is very unlikely that the microphone is broken hardware-wise. Check the mike with other apps. If it works on some apps but not others, its a driver issue. If its consistent, you have a broken mike.

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