Question by  nethrasen (25)

What causes nose bleeds in kids?


Answer by  Peg (459)

Usually nose bleeds are caused by dry air that dries out the nasal passages. Also dehydration may cause nose bleeds in children.


Answer by  mikey (29)

There are capillaries in nasal mucosa which supplies blood to it. When there is rise in blood pressure or when the mucosa weakens the capillaris burst open releasing blood. In childrren the mucosa is delicate and so bleeding occurs frequently.


Answer by  elizabeth17 (44)

Nose bleeds in kids due to the following reasons when one of the small veins in its lining bursts.if the child has pushed something inside their nose.


Answer by  tc25dreamer (180)

If the blood veins are damaged, if the child "picks it" too much,eating too many crunchy foods (Ex: Chips)

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