Question by  paigow (33)

What can you tell me about living with one carotid artery?

I have only one carotid artery.


Answer by  benjiross (993)

This is quite a rare condition. It means that your body has developed collateral vessels or alternate ways to carry blood on the side where your carotid artery is absent. Just take care and enjoy life as usual!

Reply by Amberly (1):
Hi I was born with only one working carotid, the left has enlarged to help take the flow. I can still live a normal active life though I do take statins as there is quite a lot of calcification in the right ( working ) carotid.I am age 61  add a comment

Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

The carotid artery provides blood to your brain. Most people have two, one on each side of their neck, but you only have one. Sometimes this is a birth defect, but in others sometimes the artery must be removed due to disease or injury. It is important to maintain good health for that remaining artery. It feeds your brain!

Reply by virginiap (1):
What do you recommed for "good health"? I just discovered I have only one carotid artery on the left side. My body developed a "road map" of blood vessels from left all the way over the top of my brain and down the right side to feed my brain. Amazing!  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

help i have bulimia and a carotid artery in left neck ha d a massive stroke last july how will that effect me when i vomit

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