Question by  justme6 (61)

What can I expect in 7th grade?

I am scared.


Answer by  txapplesplease (42)

Don't be scared of seventh grade! Seventh grade is an easy grade as long as you follow these easy steps. Study hard, don't slack off, you do not want to let your grades drop. Make a few good friends who share similar interests and have fun.


Answer by  lissa7 (24)

You can expect a lot. It is a totally different world, but dont be scared you will make a lot of friends and learn exciting and new things.


Answer by  snappies (579)

Seventh grade will be a lot of fun. You'll learn a lot of fun things and make new friends. To make it even better do sports and get on a team. You'll have a great time. Most importantly, take one day at a time and don't be scared.

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