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Question by  scalzo48 (11)

What can I do if my hair turned green from the pool?


Answer by  Catydid (146)

Take an ordinary asprin and crush it. After shampooing your hair with your ususal shampoo, rinse. Add the asprin to your conditioner. If you do not use conditioner, mix it in your shampoo and leave in your hair for three to five minutes. Rinse your hair well. This may need to be repeated depending on how "alkaline" your hair is.


Answer by  naturalmom (211)

I am not sure if this is effective but I have heard that if you wash your hair with tomato sauce several times that it could possible help but again it may take several washes and no guarantee that it will work. Again, not sure it's worth the time but it may be worth trying.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Get a good shampoo designed for swimmers, these are available at your local drug store. If that is not an option, then rinse your hair with a bit of apple cider vinegar before you shampoo.


Answer by  ChristinaRamirez (481)

To prevent this from happening you want to use anti-chlorine swimmers shampoo, there is also a conditioner. If your hair does turn green as stated above then you can also try a homemade idea, which is put put Tomato Ketchup on your hair for 2 hrs then rinse it out.

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