Question by  missmojo1 (29)

What can I do if I feel that my annual salary increase is unfair?

or my coworker's.


Answer by  mangosteen (272)

The best thing to do is to gather your reasons for your belief, and then discuss it with your manager. In the end, you can always look elsewhere... if your services are worth more, then some other employer should be willing to hire you at a rate that satisfies you.


Answer by  Elizabeth (92)

If you feel your annual increase is unfair, the best thing to do is document your contributions to the company and to determine what people in your type of work in other companies make. You can find information in trade journals, etc and compare that to what you make now. This will give you a case for a raise.


Answer by  Anita27 (656)

Schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss your annual increase but do not discuss it with your coworkers. You want to handle yourself in a professional, nonconfrontational way.


Answer by  Paintballer90210 (56)

Well do unique things that are good for the buisness. Make noticeable improvements. Get noticed for good things that you do around the office.

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