Question by  deepak123 (17)

What can I do about feeling lonely since my friend moved?


Answer by  Syl (64)

You feel lonely because your friend is no longer in the same area that you are. Try writing or e-mailing, try going out to meet new people.


Answer by  Porteratthegate (11)

Seek the Lord (the Holy Comforter) for consolation and to put new friends in your life. "There are friends who pretend to be friends, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." Prov. 18:21 rsv


Answer by  Mable (3008)

What are you missing? If it is talking with your friend, or your friend's care and support -- call or use the internet to stay in touch. If it is things you did together -- maybe someone else likes to do those things, too. And if it's about romance -- you'll either survive the distance, or fall in love again.


Answer by  diane41 (309)

If you are feeling lonely after a friend moved it might be a good idea to start going out to places of interest to you. Chances are you will meet others with similar interests to yours. Friends moving can be difficult but you can also begin planning a trip to go and visit your friend, something you would both enjoy.


Answer by  worker1041 (58)

Try going to social clubs, church, or any place where their is a chance for you to find a new friend.

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