Question by  Bri (14)

What can I do about a HPS light pole not working?


Answer by  cebiii (38)

Check power panel breaker feeding light pole for tripped condition reset if tripped. Check voltage at light pole splice box. Check lamp head components for signs of discoloration or burnt conditions with power removed. Check photocell for proper operation by covering photocell to simulate night time operation when troubleshooting during daylight hours. Replace lamp.


Answer by  ishiee (84)

First thing you should do is make sure that the bulb is not burnt out, second would be to make sure its getting power


Answer by  hbdrew14 (137)

Start by replacing the bulb, if that does not fix the problem replace the ballast at your local electrical supply store.


Answer by  jserafin (11)

Check to see if power is on to the pole. Then try changing the bulb. If that does not work, if possible, try changing ouyt the dusk till down sensor which turns the light on at night. To check this, just put some black electrical tape over the photo eye.


Answer by  mike1979 (13)

You can check the incoming voltage is the right rate,the ballast is functioning,the bulb is not blown and the capacitor is working.

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