Question by  antonysantos (6)

What can be done to help a dog who has weak kidneys?

The vest says my dog has weak kidneys, what can I do to help him?


Answer by  Sael (313)

The most important thing is you make sure your dog stays well-hydrated. This will reduce to work load of the kidneys. Also, keep him on a low protein diet. Your vet may also prescribe supplements or medications such as Azodyl or Epakitin to help with kidney function.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

There is dog food you can buy especially for weak kidneys which will help. Only give dog food do not give the dog to much human food, chocolate must not be given as it can cause a heart attack. Plenty of fresh drinking water and exercise. Make sure the dog is walked.


Answer by  Kaydee (252)

A special diet that is easy on the kidneys might be helpful, such as Hill's K/D or Purina's N/F. Both are specially formulated for kidney issues.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

From my own experience: Make sure your dog has plenty of water to keep his kidneys flushing properly. Keep your dog on a low protein diet. For treats try boiled chicken or turkey... it breaks down the proteins. Dehydration is a common problem with pets with this issue so make sure to visit the Vet every 3-4 months!

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