Question by  Harper (22)

What are ways to cure nervousness?

There are so many things I want and have to do, like speak in front of people, or perform onstage, that I want to be able to do. I get very nervous.


Answer by  VanillaTwilight (281)

Look into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and breathing techniques. Here's a starter technique: Take a long breath in your nose deep from your belly and in your head say "I am. " Breath out your mouth and say something positive like "calm," "peaceful," "loved," or "valuable. " Keep your mind off negative thoughts.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

This is a sign of fear of rejection or failure. Think about the worst case scenarios. Then write them out. They will think it is funny and laugh at you. They may think you're silly and not be your friend. Then decide whether these possible consequences are worth the isolation of silence.


Answer by  asha (31)

Try to mingle with your frineds.. Every morning you stand infront of your mirror and said i can do this...... and i can win.... every day you said, you get mind power.....

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